Monday, December 18, 2017

Whole Foods/Amazon Employment

dec 21 2017 whole foods market, sedona, arizona
Hi kristin-

Listen, I've decided to withdraw my employment interest in working for Whole Foods for the time being. Any corporation or business that requires or FORCES its employees to have a phone number just to be able to complete an online application process is not worthy of being my employer.

FORCED phone number policies are being used by Facebook, Twitter, Google Gmail and most recently by E-bay/Paypal in order to conduct transactions, business and online communications- among other things. It now seems like Whole Foods, which is owned by Amazon (and receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the CIA) is instituting similiar measures with regards to prospective employees.  I'm sorry, but its NOT a crime to NOT own or use a phone.

I believe FORCED phone numbers are being used by these corporations to ILLEGALLY identify, track, monitor, record, spy and surveil (both with GPS tracking and via audio records) on all American citizens who submit to this new business protocol.  Its widely known that the personal phone number is being used today as the PRIME means through which the NSA (the National Security Agency) is ILLEGALLY spying on the American people.  Along with biometric ID cards and FORCED background/drug tests, these policies are being used to digitally enslave every man, woman and child in this country to a tyrannical plutocratic electronic digital police state regime that willfully and maliciously violates our core constitutional civil liberties when it comes to the 4th Amendment and our right to personal privacy.  I'm sad to say that Whole Foods and Amazon seem to have recently joined that dictatorial cabal.

Thus said, there is always space for corporations like WF/Amazon to turn away and reject such tyrannical practices and policies and learn to respect the privacy and dignity of its employees and its customers.  If and when WF/Amazon turns from its wicked ways, i would be happy to to re-submit my interest and employment prospects with Whole Foods Market.  Whole Foods, on whole, is a great market, with lots of good employees and products, however, the company also has alot of serious problems and conflicts of interest to sort out, in my opinion.

I was hoping to partner with WF/Amazon to further pursue the global environmental work and values i am trying to promote to help salvage what we have left of our beautiful planet.  As i stated previously, we have ALREADY lost roughly 50% of all life on Earth.  With support and employment from environmentally conscious institutions such as WF/Amazon, i was hoping to work with the company to salvage what's left before we descend into an irreversible downward spiral of species extinction.  But, it seems, for now, I will have to take my efforts and employment elsewhere.  Out of respect, though, for the good environmental/organic values that WF/Amazon does support and endorse, I pass onto the company my online book, SAVING THE PLANET: AND my most recent proposal for a GLOBAL MARSHALL PLAN: to save what's left of our planet.

In summation, I would highly recommend that WF/Amazon abandon its current police state trajectory and learn to EVOLVE a more sane and survivable business strategy that protects and upholds the right to personal privacy, as welll as, supports and endorses an environmental ethos that most of your customers expect when doing business with WF/Amazon.


Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
Sedona, Arizona


cc: WF Customer Service, WF/Amazon CEO's, Green Festivals, Refuse Fascism, Commondreams, Democracy Now!

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