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To Governor, US State or Oregon

To Governor, US State of Oregon

August 7, 2017



Governor of Oregon. I have submitted this type of letter to other US states governors facing similar problems and issues discussed in this letter. To put it plainly and bluntly, we have an "out of control" militarized Nazi American Fascist Police State that has, unfortunately, taken control of our government and arisen here in America. This is NOT acceptable and will NOT be tolerated in this country, especially here in the US state or Oregon.

The US Dept of Homeland Security, the TSA and the whole slew of overfunded, overmilitarized local, state and federal police and security agencies are destroying our precious constitutional freedoms and civil liberties in the name of "safety" and "security". What the TSA is doing at our airports with radiation scanners, forcable searches, seizures of technology and intrusive pat-downs, are ILLEGAL and a direct violation of our 4th amendment right to be free from any unreasonable and unwarranted searches and seizures. I want these ILLEGAL practices STOPPED and reversed NOW. This type of intrusive and ILLEGAL police state activity has filtered out into the state's business community as well with forced background checks and unwarranted drug tests in our state's employment field. As a result of these and other illegal and criminally intrusive fascist police state activities, I want you to cut ALL state funding to ALL local, state and federal police operating in the state of Oregon until these types of fascist police state activities are halted and reversed.

I want the US Dept of Homeland Security's "threat fusion" centers shut down, gutted, criminalized and removed from the state of Oregon, permanently. I want their intelligence centers and operation commands shut down and their battalions of nazi gestapo jack booted thugs physically and forcibly thrown out our state (at gunpoint). I want you to send in the Oregon National Guard to arrest, prosecute and imprison these nazi gestapo filth for the CRIMES they have all willfully and maliciously committed against the rights, freedoms and liberties of the American People. The 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments are at the central core of keeping and maintaining the freedoms we are blessed with in this nation. Without these fundamental rights and freedoms, we might as well be living in Communist China. Our Bill of Rights and our civil liberties are specifically what protects us from devolving into a fascist nazi/communist police state. Unfortunately, we have now abrigated our national LAW and have crossed this line. Its time to reverse course and set our state on a path of freedom, sustainability and survival on into the 21st century and beyond. Its time to leave behind the fascist overmilitarized American empire and build a Green World Order for Mankind.

More people die of bee stings in America than through terrorist attacks. The US Dept of Homeland Security was founded upon the false pretense of fighting terrorism. 9/11 was an inside job used to turn America into a fascist, dictatorial nazi police state. The REAL job of the US Dept of Homeland Security has been to turn America into such a police state and strip the American people of their constitutional freedoms and civil liberties. Along with the overfunded and "out of control" global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, the plan is to digitially enslave every man, woman and child on Earth with a worldwide economic buying and selling system known as the "Mark of the Beast". (see Revelations 13, New Testament). This is their endgame.

The REAL threats to America and the world are ENVIRONMENTAL. The threats of global climate change, shortages of food, water, soil, mineral and energy resources, the radiation releases from the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns in Japan and the pressures of world overpopulation easily trump any so-called "terrorist" threat to the American people and the US corporate empire. The US Dept of Homeland Security needs to be re-directed, re-oriented and re-named the US Dept of Earth and Environmental Security. We need educated and competent environmentalists securing our future, not right wing militarists making war on the peoples, nations and environments of the world.

Our public libraries have been turned into literal police state prisons. Security guards, intrusive surveillance cameras, censorship of the public internet, the theft of free book exchanges etc.., all testify to the militarized fascist right wing police state takeover of what is probably the core public educational and citizen activist institution the public has access to within any given municipality. I have witnessed the militarized police state takeover of many public libraries (as well as colleges and universities) across this nation these past 17 years since 9/11. Our public libraries, colleges and universities are NOT police state prisons, they are educational institutions, where freedom, creativity and innovation are the necessary qualities and prerequisites necessary for a healthy and functional democratic society. Its time our public libraries, colleges and universities be returned to the people of this nation, where they truly and rightly belong.

The American fascist nazi police state has the HIGHEST per capita prison population on Earth. More people are locked up in American gulags than in the so-called dictatorial states of Russia and China. The USA alone spends over 1 TRILLION US dollars on war, weapons, defense and security. War is obselete and can never be fought in an interconnected and interdependent world. The US flag is literally drenched in the blood of millions (if not billions) of innocent men, women and children across this planet. The USA is, by far, the #1 TERRORIST nation on Earth. This nation has committed more war crimes than any other nation in the entire history of human civilization. Every single year on this planet, at least 40 MILLION innocent men, women and children die from hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition (thats over 6 jewish holocausts annually), brought about largely through US based corporate and development policies designed to kill off a large part of the 3rd world in the name of eugenics and population control.

Willingly, or per force, this nation must be brought down and re-booted onto a path of green based environmental sustainability and ecological development. Planet management is the new world enterprise. Business as usual with the worldwide war profiteering industry is over, permanently. We must now lead the planet into building a Green World Order for Mankind on into the 21st century and beyond or we will collectively perish as a species. NOW is the time to evolve into an advanced, enlightened and intelligent species capable of surviving the 21st century. We are at the critical tipping point RIGHT NOW with regards to a species breakdown or breakthrough.

If the US state of Oregon is unable to extricate the criminal fascist nazi police state infrastructure that has infiltrated itself here, i would urge you and the oregon state legislature to pass legislation (along with a decisive state citizens vote) to have the US state of Oregon exit the United States of America. This can be done in collusion with the US states of California and Washington. California has already drafted its "Cal-Exit" proposal to exit the Union. ( see: California, Oregon and Washington state can form a new union called: Pacifica. This 3 state union will be separate and independent from the US national terrorist nazi fascist police state infrastructure of overmilitarized defense and security organizations, corporations and institutions run out of Washington, DC.

Pacifica can become a light beacon to the world in the areas of free energy, sustainable green living and intelligent planet management WITHOUT a fascist nazi police state infrastructure designed to control, imprison, harass, censor, intimidate, surveil and terrorize the public citizenry. I would urge the US state of Oregon to continue down its path of green based sustainable ecological development. Work to defund, criminalize and terminate the fascist nazi police state infrastructure that is ILLEGALLY operating in the US state of Oregon. First order of business: BAN, criminalize and arrest the TSA at all of our states airports. Lets kick the US dept of Homeland Security OUT of our towns, cities and state, by force, if necessary. Lets cleanse our states public libraries of all the prison/police state operatives that currently run these institutions. And, thirdly, its time to bring down the cameras. I urge to the US state of Oregon to pass legislation banning all public surveillance cameras- on our streets, in our businesses and in our public institutions. This will go a long way in exorcising the evil nazi criminal fascist police state elements that have created this Big Brother penopticon in our state's wonderful communities.


Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Messenger of the Covenant
Salem, Oregon


- Saving the Planet:
- Global Marshall Plan:
- Runaway Arctic Methane Meltdown Emergency:
- Antigravity for Power and Propulsion:


- Jonas the Prophet/The Prophet's Linx:


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Antigravity for Power and Propulsion

july 11, 2017

Antigravity for Power and Propulsion

The Carbon Age is over. The hydrocarbon economy has caused the #1 international security threat to our species today- global climate change- and must be terminated immediately if human civilization is to survive the 21st century

Luckily, we have 2 key free, non-polluting energy sources that can not only provide unlimited amounts of free electrical energy into our homes and businesses (zero point energy), but also provide us with free and unlimited non-polluting forms of power and propulsion (antigravitic energy). Antigravitic free energy will provide human civilization with unlimited mobility anywhere on Earth and in space, and give us the power systems we need in order to shift into air based dimensions of human and cargo transportation. There will be no more gas pumps, no more cargo ships to fill with crude oil and no more jet fuel to fly our airplanes with. Most importantly, there will be no more hydrocarbon pollution emitted from the burning of fossil fuels. This is how we will end the threat of global warming

Currently, both zero point and antigravitic free energy propulsion systems are locked up in the black vaults of the global military industrial complex. Most of todays sightings of UFO craft are, in fact, advanced antigravitic craft developed by the world's militaries (predominently in the black budget labs in the USA). Saucer type craft and the control of antigravitic power for lift, propulsion and flight was actually first achieved back in 1954. So, the technology readily exists, it just needs to be introduced to the world community, mass produced and incorporated into the new 3rd dimensional air/space transportation corridor that is projected to evolve once we abandon the antiquated and highly destructive 19th century based hydrocarbon economy

Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
Sisters, Oregon


1. Zero-Point Energy/Thrive Movement:
2. Dr Steven Greer/The Disclosure Project/Project Orion/Antigravitic Free Energy:
3. Book: Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology, by Paul A. LaViolette Ph.D.:

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bend, Oregon Public Library Police State

June 28 2017

TO: The Bend Public Library Board:

The Bend Public Library has recently REMOVED the Mozilla Firefox browser from their public library internet network. As a library patron who only uses this particular browser (and NOT google or microsoft), this is a blatant act of state sponsored CENSORSHIP of the public internet by our local library board who have made this unfortunate decision. Along with a roving police state agent spying and harrassing patrons in our library (I have witnessed this on numerous occasions) and an intrusive and ILLEGAL camera surveillance system violating patrons privacy, dignity and security when entering and exiting the library, the recent REMOVAL of the Firefox Mozilla internet browser has turned the entire bend public library into a literal fascist police state PRISON.

Forcing Patrons to use google chrome and microsoft explorer browsers when using the public internet opens up the bend library patron community to ILLEGAL police state spying and surveillance, since both of these browsers are notorious for violating users privacy and security by ILLEGALLY monitoring, confiscating, recording and storing all users internet activity, e-mail and web searches. With Mozilla Browser, at least users have a modicum of personal privacy when accessing the internet. The fact that google ads pop up with oregon state police dept advertisements on them when using certain e-mail services also tells me that the bend library internet network is linked to the bend police department and other similiar so-called specious "security" agencies. This is a further VIOLATION of our personal privacy as US citizens.

The Bend Public library also uses a phone number type of log-in system when accessing the internet at the library. Either patrons are FORCED to reveal their identity and ID numbers when obtaining a library card OR they can purchase an access card with a truncated phone number format on them to use to log-in to the computers (541003****). Phone numbers are being used as the PRIME ELECTRONIC IDENTIFICATION means to ILLEGALLY monitor, track (gps with smart phones), identify and record all users electronic communications here in the United States. Such a phone number log-in system at the bend public library needs to be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY to protect users identity and privacy from those who wish to violate our personal communications and internet activity. Our SECURITY as public library patrons demands that a new system be developed. Many libraries across this nation DO NOT require log-ins or username/passwords at all in order to access the PUBLIC INTERNET. As well. many libraries have free printing available that does NOT track or record what and when a document gets printed from the internet. Many libraries PROTECT patrons privacy by using a simple anonymous number or sign-up sheet in order to access the public internet.

As a global environmentalist working hard to Save Our Planet from environmental destruction and secure what's left of our children's future, i can tell you right now that the level of consciousness that creates and justifies fascist prison police states such as we now witness at our precious local library here in bend oregon, is precisely the level of degraded, psychotic control freak, security obsessed, fear-based, warped and inverted level of consciousness that is destroying our planet today. Unless and until we RADICALLY shift our consciousness away from the dark side (to use a STAR WARS phrase) and into the light side of the Force in the way we do business and operate our lives today, we are headed for total and absolute destruction as a species.

All i can do is put forth a path and a vision for progressive human evolution and advancement. However, i will NOT violate your right to go through the process of state tyranny if that is part of your evolutionary path of conscious development and advancement as sentient beings on this Earth. Hopefully, this will NOT be the case, though, since the state or Oregon seems to be a cut above most states in the realm of environmental consciousness and Earth security. Let us work together to bring true salvation and survival to a world NOW in TOTAL and ABSOLUTE crisis. I need full and unfettered access to the public internet in order for me to continue my work, and for that i NEED Firefox Browser. Please re-install this browser on the bend public library computers, or i will be forced to re-locate elsewhere to pursue my interests.


Steve jones
Global environmentalist
Bend, oregon

==>My Online Book: SAVING THE PLANET:

==>My Plan for a Global Marshall Plan:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

REAL ID for Oregon

REAL ID for Oregon June 20, 2017


The US Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) is America's new nazi gestapo. Regarding the so-called "security enhanced" Real ID that this leviathan is trying to shove down the throats of the American citizenry, i urge the state of oregon (and all other US states) to outright REJECT this measure and enact legistlation to thrown the DHS and the TSA out of our state, permanently.

The TSA is ALREADY engaged in ILLEGAL searches and seizures at our airports and other transportation hubs, in DIRECT violation of our 4th amendment right to be free from any unreasonable and unwarranted searches and seizures of our persons and personal belongings- all in the name of "safety" and "security", of course. I,m sure the jews were told to march to the gas chambers by the Nazis in World War 2 for their own "safety" and "security"...

The TSA, along with its parent agency, the DHS, are engaged in outright CRIMINAL fascist police state activity. This agency's administrators and policy makers need to be arrested, prosecuted and thrown into PRISON for the rest of their lives for the CRIMES they have all willfully and maliciously committed against our precious civil liberties and freedoms here in America. Our precious civil liberties specifically protects us from all forms of state tyranny. As well, our Bill of Rights and our national Constitution are the Supreme LAW of the land until deemed otherwise in this country.

To all American citizens: You DO NOT need a security enhanced REAL ID to travel anywhere in this country, despite what the DHS/TSA tells you. You don't need to "show your papers" and be electronically identified, tracked, monitored and digitially enslaved by RFID (radio frequency identification) chips embedded in any drivers license you may possess. This level of fascist police state tyranny and control belongs in the dust heap of nazi germany, not in the USA.

America was founded upon the REJECTION of all forms of oppression and state tyranny. This nation is a beacon of freedom and liberty to the world. Lets keep it that way.

Craig Stevens
Bend, Oregon

A Wall Mall: Bend, Oregon

June 19 2017

letter to editor:

nice town this bend.  wonderful library, good internet access. great social services to feed the poor and homeless.  Really like the roundabouts at the intersections and all the beautiful sculptures.  And, of course, all the marijuana distributors, really, really nice as the trump would say...

The town is a bit of a sprawl though.  We REALLY need to get out of the Carbon Age, get out of these gas guzzling trucks and SUV's, downsize to the electric car and go GREEN in a very BIG way. 

With regards to global climate change, the rapid melting of the north pole region of the Arctic is happening quickly. Massive amounts of methane are being released into the atmosphere annually. Estimates are that up to 50 -500 gigatons of methane may be released from this particular region alone in the coming years and decades. Already, the Earth has had 5 gigatons of methane released into its atmosphere since the pre-industrial age. Methane is 50-100 times more lethal in terms of greenhouse gases such as CO2 in trapping thermal heat within our atmosphere. We are now witnessing a runaway methane arctic meltdown emergency of staggering proportions. All efforts must NOW be made to END the hydrocarbon economy and rapidly transit our civilization onto a non-polluting, free energy path of energy independence. If we do NOT end the runaway release of methane from the Arctic region, we will most likely end all life on Earth. In fact, it will be between 2017 and 2020 where we will witness, for the first time EVER, an ice free Arctic. It could very well happen this year.

I would like to recommend that the city of bend build a brick mall on its wall and bond downtown streets, so that people can walk around, relax and not have to worry about getting hit and run over by a stray car.  A downtown mall could be complimented with waterfalls, flowers, benches, scultures and fruit and nut trees to beautify the downtown experience and build a sanctuary of peace and tranquility in the area. Examples of cities with malls are boulder, colorado and burlington, vermont- they're beautiful and everybody loves them!

Locally, the juniper recreation center and the city buses need to be made FREE.  Ive been in communities where rec centers are free and open to anyone without regard to financial handicap and everyone has equal access to community recreation facilities.  Ive also been in ALOT of communities in this country where the city buses are FREE so people and drivers don't have to worry about the hassle and handicap of waiting for passengers to pay bus fares (If they can even afford it).

Free buses and free rec centers make the world go around bend oregon.  If nothing else, the rec center should provide free showers for bicyclists, to encourage the use of alternative transportation, diminish traffic sprawl and encourage community bicycling.

Eclipse 2017!


Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
Bend, Oregon

==> Global Marshall Plan:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Final Warning to Humanity

The Final Warning to Humanity


Planet Earth is now at the razors edge "tipping point" for runaway global climate change
(re: arctic methane meltdown at the north pole- see:

The survival or extinction of human civilization is now in the balance.

==>Primary Causational Forces:
- The US National Security Agency (NSA), GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) in the UK, Israeli Mossad and the entire global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, all funded, directed and operated by the psychopathically evil, wicked and perverted International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel, headquartered in the CITY of London, UK.

==> Secondary Causational Forces:
- The University of California Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College, the Santa Cruz Public Library System and the IT computer/internet access policies instituted thereof to ILLEGALY spy, surveil, track and monitor its users.

As a global environmentalist and a prophet of the Most High God, i am given the responsibility to WARN the human species of the impending DOOM it is now facing with regards to runaway global climate change. As a product of the excellent educational establishment here in Santa Cruz, California USA and as the founder and webmaster of Santa Cruz 350: Santa Cruz 350, it is given to me to use my knowledge, talent, status, authority and prophetic insight to leverage the present dire circumstances on Earth towards either a breakthrough in the creation of a sustainable planetary civilization or a breakdown and consequential extinction of the human species. The means i will use in this task is the computer/internet access policies at 3 of Santa Cruz's public educational institutions: UC Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College and the Santa Cruz Public Library System- both colleges of which i am an Alumni.

Both Cabrillo College and the Santa Cruz Public Library System have ALREADY instituted privacy violating username and password protocols in order to access the internet. Cabrillo College is now a fully fledged fascist police state institution complete with an ILLEGAL internet spy and surveillance network, an array of spy and surveillance cameras spread all throughout its campus (resembling a PRISON), and an intrusive and overwhelming police state presence on its campus grounds in the form of a sprawling on-campus police station.

The Santa Cruz Public Library has forced internet users to use privacy violating usernames and passwords in the form of library card numbers linked to one's state ID card which patrons are forced to give up in order to recieve a library card. These library numbers are also being used to print, again violating patron's privacy to a local fascist police state spy and surveillance control grid hell-bent on monitoring, tracking, recording and ILLEGALLY violating the privacy and dignity rights of all Santa Cruz County residents.

UC Santa Cruz is one small step away from a total "lockdown" of its public internet access with a system known as "Cruz ID". Cruz ID forces students, staff and faculty into privacy violating usernames and password protocols and is similiarly requiring those linked ID usernames to printing facilities. This gives IT monitors exact records of what and when material gets printed. For those not using Cruz ID, forced disclosure of bank account ID is required in order to print. UC Santa Cruz is the only educational institution left that allows patrons to "log-in" anonymously, although this small sliver of internet freedom is scheduled to be removed in the near future- which brings me to the CORE message of this final warning to humanity.

As stated previously, we now stand at the razors edge "tipping point" for runaway global climate change with regards to the massive methane meltdown that is now transpiring in the Arctic. The prime causational force responsible for this threat to our survival is the cancerous, diseased, psychotic, negative and evil disposition of human consciousness exibited from those in positions of temporal power and authority in our society. This level of consciousness has created a fascist spy and surveillance police state internet access control grid that has now been instituted at 3 of Santa Cruz's educational institutions. Both Cabrillo College and the Santa Cruz Public Library System are now total spy and surveillance fascist police state institutions. UC Santa Cruz, as mentioned previously, is one small step away from total "lockdown" of its public internet access as well. Metaphorically, holographically and metaphysically speaking, this level of devolutionary consciousness has led us to the current impasse in civilization's continuity with regards to runaway global climate change. We now stand at the "tipping point" of life or death for the human species. We are at the very brink right now (as of spring, 2017). In fact, it will be between 2017-2020 where we will witness, for the first time ever, an ice free Arctic.

If UC Santa Cruz goes along with its well laid plans to publically censor and fully "lockdown" its internet access with Cruz ID, the line will be crossed and we will have lost the planet. Once we cross this line, its over. There is no turning back. This is the final warning I am now presenting to humanity.

Thus said, there is another path forward. It is the path of survival for the human species which i am now ordained to present. This option to Save the Planet Save the Planet will REQUIRE the complete dismantling and termination of the ILLEGAL NSA/Homeland Security spy and surveillance fascist police state control grid from UC Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College and the Santa Cruz Public Library System. This will result in an upholding of the internet privacy rights of all students, staff, faculty and public patrons at these institutions. Learning centers are places of creativity, innovation and freedom. Spy and surveillance police state control grids are dialectically opposed and contrarily antithetical to the spirit of free expression found at most colleges and universities throughout the world. These types of psychotic practices and policies have absolutely NO PLACE in any of our institutional libraries and learning labs anywhere, period. Those who build, run, fund, operate and support such human control systems need to be arrested, prosecuted and jailed for their crimes.

At the core of this warning is the complete termination of the military-industrial-intelligence-security complex from which college level spy and surveillance control grids have been spawned. The level of consciousness that creates and sustains war, fear, evil, camera surveillance, forced internet access usernames and passwords, jack booted TSA goons at our airports and GPS/RFID tracking in our clothes and smart phones, must come to a complete and utter end, now. We need a Global Marshall Plan
Global Marshall Plan to save what's left of our planet, and we need it right now. We are OUT OF TIME.

This is the choice before us now. We are at the razors edge "tipping point" for runaway global climate change, just as we are now at the "razors edge" of complete public internet access "lockdown" here in Santa Cruz, California with regards to our fine public educational institutions. The point of NO RETURN regarding CO2 content has ALREADY been breached. We are now "locked-in" to a 5-10 fahrenheit increase in global temperatures by 2100. At issue now is the expedition (or expediting) of how how fast this civilizational collapse will progress through runaway arctic methane meltdown releases. Methane is 100 times more powerful in regards to trapping thermal heat in the atmosphere than CO2. We could see temperatures increase into the 15-40 degree fahrenheit range by 2100 if these projections unfold.

If UC Santa Cruz goes ahead with its planned full Cruz ID username/password "lockdown", then we will have crossed the rubicon and will have "locked-in" our path to complete and total civilizational collapse and destruction in the fullness of time. This is how close we are to the end of human civilization on Earth. We need to do an immediate 'about-face', restore internet freedom at our colleges, universities and public libraries by dismantling and removing all internet access username/password/forced ID protocols. We need internet access that is free, open, unrestricted, unrecorded, privacy protected and anonymous (with printing not linked to user ID's and bank accounts). We can step back from the brink now by permanently removing CRUZ ID from the UC Santa Cruz campus. If we make this critical step, we can turn back from the brink, turn the tide and create a sustainable and survivable world civilization. This is the path to life and not death. It can begin here in Santa Cruz, California and spread worldwide as a light beacon to all the peoples and nations of the world. All it takes is a change in human consciousness and a progressive vision of transformation that trumps the devolutionary death spiral vortex we are now collectively spinning into as a species.

Finially, as one who deeply loves California, our progressive educational institutions and the expectation that our wonderful state and its people can lead the world to peace, i am deeply honored to have this opportunity and ordination to present this final warning to humanity to all parties involved. Through me, the hand and the authority of the Most High God in Heaven moves on this Earth. As the messenger of the covenant to this evil, wicked and perverted generation, all i can do is put forth a path to progressive human evolution and survival. It is my hope that cooler heads will prevail and that we will choose the path of righteousness, truth, peace, prosperity and planetary salvation for all Mankind at this very late hour.


Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Messenger of the Covenant
Santa Cruz, California

August 21, 2017

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The Prophet's Sites

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-Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA)
-Governor Jerry Brown, State of California
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-Panetta Institute
-Mayor of Santa Cruz, California
-University of California Board of Regents
-Mayor of San Francisco, California
-Major of Berkeley, California

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Time to TERMINATE the American 4th Reich

August 21, 2017

Its time to TERMINATE the American 4th Reich.

The USA is the #1 terrorist nation on Earth.  This nation has committed more war crimes
than any other nation in the entire history of civilization.

The American flag is literally drenched in the blood of millions (if not, billions) of innocent men, women and children across this globe.  If you fly an American flag, then you are an American terrorist, plain and simple. 

There are 2 parties in America: right wing and extreme right wing, the democrats and the republicans, respectively.  Both are warmongering parties and DO NOT represent the people of the United States.

The US defense establishment spends over 1 trillion dollars annually on war, weapons, death and destruction.  This is more than the combined military spending of the rest of the world's nations combined. The American economic and political class uses the US Military and International Development Organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF and the World Trade Organization (all of which are based in the USA) to enforce its corporate will around the world- especially in 3rd world nations- to starve, kill, maim and destroy the lives of millions of innocent men, women and children every year on this planet.  Every single year, at least 40 million people die from hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition throughout our world- that's more than 6 jewish holocausts annually- brought upon them by American policies of corporate greed and selfish enrichment at the expense of others and the subsequent environmental destruction of the biosphere.

This is the GREATEST HOLOCAUST of human, plant and animal life to have ever occurred in all of human history.

Currently, the USA and its corporate military, economic and political system of death, destruction and devolution is THE primary threat to the security, continuity and survival of all life on Earth.
America is now a global tyrannical fascist "Nazi" 4th Reich.

The entire military-industrial-intelligence-security complex in America needs to be absolutely and  unequivocally terminated.

It was right to organize the world to defeat Hitler's 3rd Reich during World War 2.  It is also right  to organize the world to defeat and destroy the new American "Nazi" 4th Reich.  The entire American War Machine needs to be terminated.  War is obselete and can never be fought in an interdependent and interconnected world.

In computer terminology, America is now infested with right wing and extreme right wing warmongering viruses that are destroying our planet.  Its time to SHUT DOWN this system and reboot the American economy onto a green, sustainable path of enlightened world order.

It looks like this is going to have to take an EMP strike, or a number of EMP strikes, detonated over the American continent, to shut down America's physical infrastructure, especially major portions of the US defense establishment, which are headquartered primarily on the East Coast.  The target here is the physical infrastructure of the American corporate military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, not the American people, who will not be harmed in any way by this necessary surgical strike.

If America does not end its warmongering willingly, then it must, and will, be brought down by force.  In the interests of protecting and preserving the biosphere from the ravages of global climate change, expanding global famine and irreversible global environmental destruction, the American War industry must be terminated.

August 21, 2017 is the red line date that America has to radically re-orient and re-direct its massive corporate economic war machine into peaceful  life enhancing and life supporting businesses and enterprises.

If the deep state establishment refuses to turn, then the solar eclipse scheduled to transit and spiritually divide this nation on August 21, 2017 will open the window for the forcible destruction of the new American "Nazi" 4th Reich.

Whether it is a deliberate EMP strike, a geomagnetic pole reversal, a supervolcanic eruption, catastrophic or abrupt climate change, a nuclear war, an asteroid strike or a coronal mass ejection from the sun that takes out the nation's electrical grid, then that's what its going to be.

Willingly or per force, the American "Nazi" 4th Reich must and will be terminated.  The mandate of evolution and spiritual advancement of the human species REQUIRES this correction in order to survive
the 21st century.  The entire accumulated weight of human evolution throughout known human history will push this nation over the edge if it does not radically change its ways.  Lets just hope America has the will and the intelligence to conform itself to changing evolutionary circumstances and become the world leader in working to Save Our Planet from near certain environmental destruction.