Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bend, Oregon Public Library Police State

June 28 2017

TO: The Bend Public Library Board:

The Bend Public Library has recently REMOVED the Mozilla Firefox browser from their public library internet network. As a library patron who only uses this particular browser (and NOT google or microsoft), this is a blatant act of state sponsored CENSORSHIP of the public internet by our local library board who have made this unfortunate decision. Along with a roving police state agent spying and harrassing patrons in our library (I have witnessed this on numerous occasions) and an intrusive and ILLEGAL camera surveillance system violating patrons privacy, dignity and security when entering and exiting the library, the recent REMOVAL of the Firefox Mozilla internet browser has turned the entire bend public library into a literal fascist police state PRISON.

Forcing Patrons to use google chrome and microsoft explorer browsers when using the public internet opens up the bend library patron community to ILLEGAL police state spying and surveillance, since both of these browsers are notorious for violating users privacy and security by ILLEGALLY monitoring, confiscating, recording and storing all users internet activity, e-mail and web searches. With Mozilla Browser, at least users have a modicum of personal privacy when accessing the internet. The fact that google ads pop up with oregon state police dept advertisements on them when using certain e-mail services also tells me that the bend library internet network is linked to the bend police department and other similiar so-called specious "security" agencies. This is a further VIOLATION of our personal privacy as US citizens.

The Bend Public library also uses a phone number type of log-in system when accessing the internet at the library. Either patrons are FORCED to reveal their identity and ID numbers when obtaining a library card OR they can purchase an access card with a truncated phone number format on them to use to log-in to the computers (541003****). Phone numbers are being used as the PRIME ELECTRONIC IDENTIFICATION means to ILLEGALLY monitor, track (gps with smart phones), identify and record all users electronic communications here in the United States. Such a phone number log-in system at the bend public library needs to be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY to protect users identity and privacy from those who wish to violate our personal communications and internet activity. Our SECURITY as public library patrons demands that a new system be developed. Many libraries across this nation DO NOT require log-ins or username/passwords at all in order to access the PUBLIC INTERNET. As well. many libraries have free printing available that does NOT track or record what and when a document gets printed from the internet. Many libraries PROTECT patrons privacy by using a simple anonymous number or sign-up sheet in order to access the public internet.

As a global environmentalist working hard to Save Our Planet from environmental destruction and secure what's left of our children's future, i can tell you right now that the level of consciousness that creates and justifies fascist prison police states such as we now witness at our precious local library here in bend oregon, is precisely the level of degraded, psychotic control freak, security obsessed, fear-based, warped and inverted level of consciousness that is destroying our planet today. Unless and until we RADICALLY shift our consciousness away from the dark side (to use a STAR WARS phrase) and into the light side of the Force in the way we do business and operate our lives today, we are headed for total and absolute destruction as a species.

All i can do is put forth a path and a vision for progressive human evolution and advancement. However, i will NOT violate your right to go through the process of state tyranny if that is part of your evolutionary path of conscious development and advancement as sentient beings on this Earth. Hopefully, this will NOT be the case, though, since the state or Oregon seems to be a cut above most states in the realm of environmental consciousness and Earth security. Let us work together to bring true salvation and survival to a world NOW in TOTAL and ABSOLUTE crisis. I need full and unfettered access to the public internet in order for me to continue my work, and for that i NEED Firefox Browser. Please re-install this browser on the bend public library computers, or i will be forced to re-locate elsewhere to pursue my interests.


Steve jones
Global environmentalist
Bend, oregon

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