Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Time to TERMINATE the American 4th Reich

August 21, 2017

Its time to TERMINATE the American 4th Reich.

The USA is the #1 terrorist nation on Earth.  This nation has committed more war crimes
than any other nation in the entire history of civilization.

The American flag is literally drenched in the blood of millions (if not, billions) of innocent men, women and children across this globe.  If you fly an American flag, then you are an American terrorist, plain and simple. 

There are 2 parties in America: right wing and extreme right wing, the democrats and the republicans, respectively.  Both are warmongering parties and DO NOT represent the people of the United States.

The US defense establishment spends over 1 trillion dollars annually on war, weapons, death and destruction.  This is more than the combined military spending of the rest of the world's nations combined. The American economic and political class uses the US Military and International Development Organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF and the World Trade Organization (all of which are based in the USA) to enforce its corporate will around the world- especially in 3rd world nations- to starve, kill, maim and destroy the lives of millions of innocent men, women and children every year on this planet.  Every single year, at least 40 million people die from hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition throughout our world- that's more than 6 jewish holocausts annually- brought upon them by American policies of corporate greed and selfish enrichment at the expense of others and the subsequent environmental destruction of the biosphere.

This is the GREATEST HOLOCAUST of human, plant and animal life to have ever occurred in all of human history.

Currently, the USA and its corporate military, economic and political system of death, destruction and devolution is THE primary threat to the security, continuity and survival of all life on Earth.
America is now a global tyrannical fascist "Nazi" 4th Reich.

The entire military-industrial-intelligence-security complex in America needs to be absolutely and  unequivocally terminated.

It was right to organize the world to defeat Hitler's 3rd Reich during World War 2.  It is also right  to organize the world to defeat and destroy the new American "Nazi" 4th Reich.  The entire American War Machine needs to be terminated.  War is obselete and can never be fought in an interdependent and interconnected world.

In computer terminology, America is now infested with right wing and extreme right wing warmongering viruses that are destroying our planet.  Its time to SHUT DOWN this system and reboot the American economy onto a green, sustainable path of enlightened world order.

It looks like this is going to have to take an EMP strike, or a number of EMP strikes, detonated over the American continent, to shut down America's physical infrastructure, especially major portions of the US defense establishment, which are headquartered primarily on the East Coast.  The target here is the physical infrastructure of the American corporate military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, not the American people, who will not be harmed in any way by this necessary surgical strike.

If America does not end its warmongering willingly, then it must, and will, be brought down by force.  In the interests of protecting and preserving the biosphere from the ravages of global climate change, expanding global famine and irreversible global environmental destruction, the American War industry must be terminated.

August 21, 2017 is the red line date that America has to radically re-orient and re-direct its massive corporate economic war machine into peaceful  life enhancing and life supporting businesses and enterprises.

If the deep state establishment refuses to turn, then the solar eclipse scheduled to transit and spiritually divide this nation on August 21, 2017 will open the window for the forcible destruction of the new American "Nazi" 4th Reich.

Whether it is a deliberate EMP strike, a geomagnetic pole reversal, a supervolcanic eruption, catastrophic or abrupt climate change, a nuclear war, an asteroid strike or a coronal mass ejection from the sun that takes out the nation's electrical grid, then that's what its going to be.

Willingly or per force, the American "Nazi" 4th Reich must and will be terminated.  The mandate of evolution and spiritual advancement of the human species REQUIRES this correction in order to survive
the 21st century.  The entire accumulated weight of human evolution throughout known human history will push this nation over the edge if it does not radically change its ways.  Lets just hope America has the will and the intelligence to conform itself to changing evolutionary circumstances and become the world leader in working to Save Our Planet from near certain environmental destruction.

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