Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Axe Santa Cruz Police Force

Letter to the Editor
Santa Cruz Sentinel
April 10, 2013

In response to the recent traitorous actions of the so-calld 'progressive" city council of Santa Cruz  to hire and fund more police in Santa Cruz:
i hereby PUBLICALLY call for the entire Santa Cruz city council (and the right wing mafia military homeland security police state controlled city manager who really runs this town)
to be immediately FIRED and thrown out of this county.

This is a disgrace.  There are too many cops already in this town- they are everywhere; in our parks, on our bike paths, in our malls,
hassling homeless people, struttting around looking for people to confront and ticket and fullfilling the role of turning our beautiful oceanside community into an east german style fascist/communist police state.  ENOUGH OF THIS INSANITY!!!!  This is NOT soviet russia or communist china!!!!

We've got roads to fix, we've got recreation centers to build and run, we've got bike paths to build (how about one on hwy 9 for example?)
we've got homeless shelters and projects to fund, we've got green projects to fund and build, we've got green jobs to create... the list goes on and on... Instead, the bureaucrats in this town continue to FUND more cops with money they don't have.

Santa Cruz County now has (as with all major cities in the state) a so-called "threat fusion center" in the vicinity made up of all facets of local, state and federal law enforcement.  The American people have been designated as the new "al-qaida".  A fascist NAZI police state is
being built up around us to target us as American citizens- to ticket, arrest, harass, intimidate, incarcerate and persecute all those who don't lick the boots of the brown shirted state security thugs who are now invading our community.  They're turning our educational instuitutions and our communities into surveillance guard tower like prisons.

All of this is in preparation for the coming planned economic collapse of our economy.

We need new leadership in this community.  We need city council members who will nuture our community into a sustainable, green, alternative energy based city municipality, not devolve us into the dead end of a fear based, jack booted, Nazi fascist police state.

qadara sheckina
santa cruz

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