Thursday, September 20, 2012

Final Warning to Rockefeller/Rothschild Empire

Sept 21, 2012
This is your FINAL WARNING Rockefeller/Rothschild.
You're going in the EXACT wrong direction.  Get your DHS and your nazi TSA goons
of my country right now and dismantle this global fascist police state you have created since 9/11.
It is regressive, self-destructive and will ultimately lead to YOUR own destruction..

If you plunge this world into World War 3, i guarantee there will NEVER be peace
on this planet.

STOP your eugenics operations and learn to BUILD a Global Green World Order-
it is your ONLY way out..

You will implement the blueprint i have outlined to SAVE OUR PLANET
( and lay the foundation stone for world peace (
by the end of 2012, or this species and this civilization will surely perish in the very
fullness of time.

Remember, the Endgame is already written, sealed and locked in- there is absolutely NO CHANCE
of escape.  Failure to learn to get in line with what's unfolding on the cosmic level will
lead to not only your complete destruction and overthrow on this Earth, but to your eternal damnation in the world to come.


Jonas the Prophet
Planet Earth


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